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The Villae are an invaluable asset from an architectural, archaeological, historical and naturalistic point of view. Taking care of them is essential in order to preserve their beauty and integrity. Therefore, we need everyone’s cooperation to ensure that this precious and fragile asset can keep its splendour intact and continue to tell us its centuries-old history.

The Villae are different and multiform sites, but they are the expression of the same cultural heritage and of a single management. Therefore, we have developed a general set of rules for you to enjoy the Villae in a conscientious and respectful manner, which can be easily adapted to the specific features of each of you.


All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, regardless of gender, race, language, religion, political opinion and personal and social conditions. It is the Republic’s duty to remove economic and social obstacles which, by restricting the freedom and equality of citizens, hinder the full development of the individual and the effective participation of all workers in the political, economic and social organisation of the country”. (Italian Constitution, art. 3)

The Villae promote the fruition of cultural heritage and the accessibility of museums at all levels.

Person in charge: Davide Bertolini

Contacts and information:


The aim of the Villae is to promote knowledge, foster the understanding of beauty and develop awareness of cultural heritage among citizens.

The richness and variety of the Villae’s heritage make them a valuable place of discovery and training.

Therefore, the Villae develop diversified and participatory training courses in order to spread knowledge of the site and its history, thereby contributing to the fulfilment of the education and training objectives that are essential for museum institutions.

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Wedding Photo Service

To have a wedding photoshoot in the cultural sites of Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este and the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor, a “request” must be submitted to the following address:

The rates for the photoshoot are as follows:

Villa Adriana: € 500.00

Villa d’Este: € 500.00

Sanctuary of Hercules Victor: € 250,00. A 50% discount is reserved on the rate for citizens residing in the municipality of Tivoli and in neighbouring municipalities (Castel Madama, Guidonia Montecelio, Marcellina, San Polo dei Cavalieri, San Gregorio da Sassola, Vicovaro, with the exception of Rome).


Civil Weddings

January 2019 saw the Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este – Villae Institute sign an agreement with the Municipal Administration to celebrate civil weddings both at the two UNESCO sites and in the monumental complex of the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor in response to numerous requests.

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Wedding Receptions

To organise the reception of your wedding in one of the beautiful locations of the Villae, however, it will be necessary to submit a request following the procedure for the temporary use of spaces, described below.


Concession for the temporary use of spaces

As required by the Code of Cultural Heritage, Legislative Decree 42/2004, Articles. 106-108, you can apply for spaces of Museums and Archaeological Areas to carry out various activities: filming, photoshoots, meetings, inaugurations, catering, gala dinners, exhibitions, shows, extension of opening hours, etc.

The request, to be sent to the management of “Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este” Piazza Trento, 5 – 00019 Tivoli (RM), must be received at least 30 days before the event, possibly also by email, at the following address:, and must be formulated as follows:

  • applicant (private individual, owner or legal representative of a Company, Association, etc.)

  • address and telephone numbers

  • description and purpose of the initiative

  • number of participants (staff, expected audience, if any, and/or artists)

  • spaces to be used

  • type and number of equipment to be used (cars, cameras, etc.)

  • type of set-up (e.g. tensile structures, mobile structures such as platforms, gazebos, furniture, stages, lighting, amplification, scenery, etc.)

  • where necessary, a project accompanied by graphic works

  • time schedule of the event and, if necessary, of the set-up and dismantling operations

Subsequently, if necessary, an inspection may be carried out to identify the area(s) covered by the concession. The inspection is carried out with the applicant or delegated person in the presence of staff from the Institute.

The concession includes the object of the concession, the methods of payment of the fee, the prescriptions for the protection of the sites and visitors, in addition to an insurance policy for any damage to property and/or persons and a surety policy, which must be activated by the applicant.

In addition, an agreement will be signed for the use of employees of the “Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este” Autonomous Institute, to ensure the protection, safety and security of the facilities granted under the concession, with charges borne by the applicant.

Use of images

Taking photos or videos of cultural goods and disseminating them for the purposes of study, research, free expression of thought, creative expression and promotion of cultural heritage is free and does not require authorisation, provided that:

  • there is no direct or indirect profit motive;

  • the photos or videos are taken without the use of tripods or stands, without the use of light sources (flashes), and in the absence of physical contact with the asset;

  • disclosure does not permit further reproduction for profit, even indirectly.

For all other types of requests (request for images, filming and photography), a concession measure is necessary which may be issued free of charge or against payment of a fee (see fee list) according to the cases provided for by current legislation.



Collaborate with us

The Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este Institute offers the possibility to university students, undergraduates and graduates enrolled in Master’s or specialisation courses or PhD students to complete internships and apprenticeships.

To apply, you must send an email to the following address: (person in charge: Davide Bertolini)

The institute also gives the possibility to high school students to carry out an internship as part of the Work-Related Learning Programme.

For information: (person in charge: Micaela Angle).

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