Why an Exhibitions Department? The creation of an Exhibitions Department represents one of the most qualifying and representative elements of the new course taken by the recently established Direction of the Institute.

The exhibition, from this point of view, is no longer an occasional and contingent event, but becomes an integral part of the Institute’s life and valorization activities it proposes, bringing out the potential of the sites.

Consistency with the mission of the Institute, the history of its sites and the different souls they embody as well as the scientific and innovative value that will be brought to the knowledge process, will be at the heart of each new exhibition project, with an eye on the future, but also with the desire to put together the pieces of an identity.

Key elements of this project will be: a medium and long term planning, the establishment of important relationships and partnerships with Italian and foreign museums and cultural institutions, and a continuous dialogue with the territory.

Increasing attention will also be paid to installations. Indeed, an exhibition installation helps to  improve not only the enjoyment, but also the interpretation of the works, recreating a unique atmosphere and putting the visitor at the centre of a unique experience.

For information: villaexhibitions@beniculturali.it


Besides organising exhibitions, the Villae host cultural and scientific events. You can find information about current and future events here:

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