Photography permits

Photographing cultural assets and dissemination of the resulting images for study purposes, research, free expression of thought, creative expression and promotion of cultural heritage is free and therefore requires no authorization, provided that:

  • the photography/footage are neither directly nor indirectly for profit-making purposes;
  • taking photographs/filming is performed without the use of tripods or stands, without the use of light sources (flashbulbs) and without physical contact with the artefacts portrayed;
  • provided that dissemination does not, even indirectly, permit further reproductions to be made for profit-making purposes.

A specific authorization is required for all other types of reproduction (pictures, footage or photography). Such authorization may be granted free of charge or upon payment of a fee, depending on the cases provided for by the applicable legislation.

Contacts and info:

Exemption, which still involves payment of any reproduction tariffs required and the obligation to provide three copies of the publication, will be made for:

  • study purposes;
  • publications of scientific importance concerning historical-artistic topics in editions of less than 2000 copies and with less than €50.00 cover price;
  • articles for periodicals of scientific importance or doctoral dissertations;
  • applicants requesting photography/filming permits for enhancement purposes.
  • publications in editions exceeding 2000 copies and/or with cover prices over € 50.00: € 51.00 per image;
  • reprints by the same editor: 50% discount on the tariffs for reproduction rights in force at the time of publication;
  • worldwide rights: triple the tariffs for reproduction rights in force at the time of publication;
  • reuse of the printing plate by the same editor for another work: 10% discount on the tariffs in force at the time of publication.
  • reuse of the printing plate by another editor: 25% discount on the tariffs in force at the time of publication.
  • use of the image on the cover of a book in editions exceeding 2000 copies: € 150.00
  • use of the image during exhibitions for brochures, posters, flyers, promotion via other media: € 150.00 for each use;
  • use of the image for permanent exhibition (museums that are members of ICOM, the International Council of Museums: € 150.00/year;
  • publication of images on websites: double the tariffs are applied (when such use is not eligible for exemptions) since these images are circulated worldwide. The resolution of images published on a website must not exceed 480×480 pixels and the phrase “by permission of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism- Istituto Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este” must be indicated;
  • derivative uses: use of images for merchandising products: royalties amounting to 10% of the forecast retail price to be paid before receiving the permit;
  • use of images for advertising purposes: starting from € 3,000 for distribution in one country and permit valid for 1 year; starting from € 5,000 for distribution on the Internet or in several countries and permit valid for 1 year; € 20,000 and permit valid for 1 year for use of images of particularly representative monuments (e.g. Canopus, Maritime Theatre, Oval Fountain, Fountain of the Organ, etc.);
  • other purposes: to be assessed case by case.
  • fee per shot: € 60.00, with the obligation to consign, to the Administration, a digital reproduction of each picture taken (the fee includes reproduction rights to one single photograph published in one edition in one language);

Please note that to conduct the photo shoot, a permit for temporary use of locations must first be requested according to the procedure described in the dedicated section. The Director of the Institute may establish a different fee after taking account the following:

  1. scientific or promotional nature of the publication;
  2. media and methods for making the reproductions;
  3. type of use and time for which the locations and artefacts will be used;
  4. use and destination of the reproductions, as well as the economic benefits the applicant obtains from them.

Requests for reproduction and use of photographs must be made in writing, using the relative form.

The reproduction costs and permit fees, when due, must be paid in advance and exclusively by bank transfer in favour of: Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este

IBAN: IT39 X030 6905 0201 0000 0046 101

Use of images in the absence of authorization will result in application of a fine equal to double the permit fee.