Opening to the public of the three sites belonging to the autonomous Institute, i.e. Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este and the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor, continues to be suspended pursuant to the DPCM January 14, 2021, containing the new measures for the containment of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19 and in compliance with the ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 16 January 2021 (further urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19 for the Regions of Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Marche , Piedmont, Puglia, Umbria and Valle d’Aosta)

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In accordance with the government provisions for the Covid-19 emergency, the entrance formalities and tariffs for visits to our sites have undergone temporary changes.

You will find further details in the Web pages of Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este and Sanctuary of Hercules Victor

Your event in a world heritage site

It is possible to apply for use of locations in Museums and Archaeological sites for various different activities: television filming, filmmaking, photography, meetings, inaugurations, catering, gala dinners, sports events, entertainment, extended opening hours, etc.…

Support us

The Villae are a fragile and precious legacy, a shared heritage that needs the support of every one of us for its upkeep and preservation.

The inestimable value of an area that actually includes two UNESCO Heritage Sites needs the participation of all if it is to continue to represent a historical record of our culture.

The places that make up the group of sites are incredibly vast and this is why significant financial and human resources are required to maintain and preserve the beauty they enshrine. Private funding in support of our institution would ensure that the work to preserve the Villae heritage would be better and more complete.

Your help would also enable us to enhance the services offered to the public and invest greater resources in research and training, thereby contributing towards strengthening the relationship between the Villae and the community with which they are in rapport.